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The eWBL Newsletter

Bringing you the latest updates, milestones, results and upcoming events from the eWBL project


We are delighted to share with you the eWBL (online work-based learning) newsletter covering the latest project updates and results.


The newsletter marks an important milestone in our project as we successfully completed a large-scale study in eWBL, resulting in 27 case studies and 5 national reports across the EU (Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Slovenia) and 1 synthesis report.

Our research documents the experiences of HEIs, companies and students who participated in a fully online or hybrid work-based learning program. We focused on the organisational, technological and pedagogical aspects of transitioning from a more conventional on-site WBL to a hybrid or fully online work-based learning (eWBL). We aimed to document the challenges associated with the transition; the solutions developed, and the opportunities it presents.

We are also finalising our eWBL framework to assist educators and supervisors in designing and implementing effective online or hybrid work-based learning experiences for prospective graduates.

Here are some highlights from our newsletter:

  • We introduce the concept of our project and its structure.

  • We spotlight our esteemed project partners and their roles in the project.

  • We share the latest news and updates about the project, including all major project activities and results achieved.

  • We highlight the five national reports from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland, and the Netherlands with a summary and infographic.

  • We outline our upcoming activities, including expected dates for sharing the synthesis report, eWBL framework, eWBL Toolkit, eWBL OERs and capacity-building program.

  • We encourage readers to download all the case studies and national reports, which are freely accessible on our website ( and share it within their networks. 


We hope you find this newsletter informative and useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at [ or]

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